Jun 29, 2020
DJSharp (All reviews)
Pulling off a good anime with an overpowered protagonist is not easy. For a variety of reasons One Punch Man managed to strike the right balance and deliver an enjoyable and entertaining series.

Sadly the follow up work Mob Psycho 100 feels like a the author recycled the same basic ideas but produced absolute garbage. In almost every way this series is a disappointing imitation of One Punch Man, and the most entertaining thing about it was the janken game in the interval.

Breaking down the aspects:

STORY: 5: The story is cliched. The protagonist has superpowers which he gains with no effort. Yet for some reason he's not popular. His brother is jealous sparking a sibling rivalry. It ends with him going to rescue his friends. The world building is shoddy. At times it seems that no-one knows/believes in psychics yet they use their powers flashily in public and it seems there are a large number worldwide...I couldn't really connect with the world they tried to portray at all. At least in One Punch Man it was clear superheroes were a recognised existence...

ART: 6: Some people might like the traditional style art here. Personally it's not my thing. It looks childish and sloppy. As a result I felt that the few serious scenes lost impact. But I won't criticise it too harshly on this as it's probably more personal taste.

SOUND: 5: Maybe because I finished Food Wars before which utilizes sound excellently, but the lack of a good soundtrack was clear. Aside from the opening tune which was great, the music failed to deliver.

CHARACTER: 4: The MC is dull, vapid and bland. His brother is talented without as much power. The MC's master is a dislikeable con-artist. There are some under-developed side characters. I felt little to no connection with any of the main characters. To boot the villains are disappointing and one dimensional.

ENJOYMENT: 5: It had a few decent -ish action scenes and a couple of reasonable twists...but the climactic episode summed up just how disappointing this series was. The enemies attacks were flicked aside and then we had a ton of cliched, boring and needless conversation with the defeated villains. It does the phrase anti-climactic a disservice.

Overall I can't recommend such a bland and insipid series, I can only wonder how it's managed to place so high...