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1.-Why volunteer with Awaiting Angels?
- We are a Peruvian NGO with deep roots in the local community, established to incorporate community-based initiatives that seek to improve educational and living standards of depressed areas of Peru.
- As a local organization we have a broad expertise regarding community issues, needs and assets to share, hence we make all efforts to promote intercultural understanding, mutual tolerance and learning opportunities in a global world context.
- A remarkable feature of our local organization is affordability; we have a very low operation budget. You pay a fair amount for home stay accommodation and a small fee to cover our administrative costs.
- Local families play a very important role in our organization, they are carefully chosen to provide to volunteers family like boarding. Our Peruvian families are very happy to receive overseas volunteers and are eager to share experiences, knowledge and long lasting friendship.
- The staff at Awaiting Angels is a small but effective group of experienced professionals with deep intercultural awareness.

3.- Is Awaiting Angels Volunteer Program suitable for groups?
Yes, we do accept groups booking, also we organise tailored projects at very affordable local prices. Please Email us for detailed information.

3.-Do I need to speak Spanish to become a volunteer?
No for some positions, but it would be helpful if you speak Spanish.
You must have an intermediate Spanish level for positions related with health care and Street children help programs.

4.-What immunizations/vaccines will I need?
Diphtheria and tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Yellow fever, Rabies, Tuberculosis, Malaria (needs to be closely discussed with doctor).Some of these can be taken in oral form so please discuss with your doctor to see what is best for you. Some people can be affected quite differently to others by medication.

5.- What about health and travel insurance?
It is mandatory for international volunteers to bring a health and travel insurance valid for the entire time in Peru. We do not include travel insurance in our fees as we have found that generally volunteers can acquire it cheaper by getting it privately. Please make sure that your health and travel insurance cover issues related with volunteering.

6.-When do I need to arrive in Peru?
In Peru our volunteering programs begin around the 1st and the 15th of each month so it would be good if you could arrive at least one day before your starting dates. However you may like to arrive earlier to settle yourself before volunteering begins.

7.-What are the living arrangements when volunteering?
You are provided with accommodation which is covered by the program fee. During the volunteering you will be accommodated in a home stay shared bedroom. Three meals a day are provided for you from Monday to Saturday. You are advised to buy your own bottled water and toilet paper.

8.-Are we able to do any sightseeing while volunteering?
Yes. You can choose to take a 2- 4 day break between volunteering. You are free to do as you please during this time. There are often other volunteers that want to do trekking or just see the local sights. You will however need to have reserve money for this time according to what you plan to do. You can survive on as little as $30 (U.S.) a day in Peru. You can also spend much more if you want a bit of luxury before volunteering begins.

9.-Are there more expenses once I arrive?
No, While you are volunteering in Peru, only you will spend money in your own expenses. (internet, public transportation, party, phone calls, clothes, drinking water, tours).

10.-How safe is it to volunteer in Peru?
Peru is generally a safe country. We work very hard to ensure you are placed in safe environments while volunteering.

11.-How many volunteers are there on site at the same time?
This depends on how many people volunteer at any one time. Usually there are between 2 – 5 volunteers.

12.-What resources are available for teaching when I'm volunteering? Do I need to bring my own?
If you have resources that you think may be appropriate discuss this with us via email to see if you should bring them. Most likely anything you have will be of help as there will be limited resources.

13.-Are there any time of the year that I cannot volunteer?
No, you can volunteer at any time of the year. January, February, March are school holidays so placements are limited to areas where schools are open or where teaching can be done in learning centers. There are many festivals throughout the year which can interrupt your program, but which are also a good way of interacting with the culture.

14.-How do I pay my program fee?
A US$ 100.00 program deposit is required to secure a place in our program and should be paid at the time of the application. We need you to pay the balance the first day of your arrival.

15.-What age do you have to be to volunteer?
You must be 16+ years old and above. There is no upper limit. You just have to be in good health condition.

16.-What countries do most volunteers come from?
The majority of volunteers that come through Awaiting Angels are from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. We also have smaller numbers of people from Europe, and New Zealand.

17.-Will Awaiting Angels return the program fee back if I don't want to continue in the program?
No, after you have started the program. You are not able to ask your payment back. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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